Central Bergamo luxury apartments

Discover a city rich in art, history, culture, and nature with Magic Place’s central luxury apartments for your vacation in Bergamo: strategic location, events for all ages, and breathtaking views.

Discover Bergamo, a strategic base for your vacation
A connected city, crossroads of Europe and northern Italy

Just 4 km from the Il Caravaggio International Airport in Orio al Serio, the third major airport in Italy by passenger traffic each year, Bergamo offers privileged access to both major European capitals and the wonders of Northern Italy. The city is strategically located, making it easily accessible for those who wish to explore the rich cultural and scenic heritage of Northern Italy, as well as for itinerant travelers seeking adventures that connect diverse worlds and cultures. Bergamo’s proximity to cities like Milan, Brescia, Como, and Lecco opens up an infinite array of possibilities for exploration and discovery.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of Italy’s fashion and design capital, admire the enchanting landscapes of Lake Como, or visit the historic and fascinating cities of Brescia and Lecco, Bergamo is the perfect starting point for all your adventures.

Magic Place Bergamo apartments, located in the city center and only 10 minutes from the airport, can open the doors to extraordinary experiences in one of the most captivating regions of Italy.

Bergamo e natura
Città di Bergamo
Città Alta and the medieval heart of Bergamo
Explore one of Italy's most charming villages

Perched on a hill, this ancient part of the city offers breathtaking panoramic views and almost feels like a journey back in time as you walk through the cobbled streets and historic buildings. The ancient and majestic Venetian walls, built in the 16th century and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, encircle the heart of the Upper Town and provide a picturesque setting for exciting walks.

On Piazza Vecchia, nestled in the center of the main street, stand the Palazzo della Regione, the oldest town hall in Italy, and the Civic Tower, which offers a spectacular view of the city and its surroundings. Just a few steps away, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Colleoni Chapel continue to fascinate visitors with their majestic architecture and interiors rich in art and history.

Restaurants, cafes, wine bars, and pubs line the main street, attracting travelers with local aromas, bold flavors, and authentic tastes typical of the Orobie culinary tradition. Città Alta is the ideal place for those seeking a surprising combination of culture, history, and sensory pleasures, offering unforgettable experiences.

Choose Magic Place apartments, discover the magic of Bergamo’s Upper City, and let yourself be captivated by the timeless charm of this enchanting corner of Italy.

Bergamo. City of the Thousand
A human-scale journey through time

Bergamo is also known as the “City of the Thousand,” a nickname derived from the significant contribution made by the people of Bergamo in 1860 to Giuseppe Garibaldi’s Expedition of the Thousand, a key event in the Italian Risorgimento that led to the country’s unification.

Today, every corner of the city represents a place where vestiges of the past blend harmoniously and seductively with manifestations of the contemporary. Bergamo is a city meant to be explored on foot, guiding its travelers through centuries of history, art, and culture, among picturesque squares and medieval alleys.

The Upper Town is the historic center of this human-scale city and an enchanting labyrinth of pedestrian streets leading to splendid palaces, ancient churches, and breathtaking viewpoints. The Lower Town, on the other hand, is the bustling heart of modernity, where tradition meets innovation. It’s a kaleidoscope of elegant shops, gourmet restaurants, and lively cafes against the backdrop of a vibrant cultural scene.

Bergamo is a destination where the past intertwines with the present in perfect balance, ideal for those seeking an experience rich in history, culture, and beauty.

Book your vacation in one of the Magic Place Bergamo apartments and enjoy an extraordinary journey through time, collecting unforgettable memories and discovering the charm of one of Italy’s most beautiful and ancient cities.

Bergamo città dei mille
Bergamo and bucolic nature
Parks and green oases suitable for the enjoyment of kids and adults

Bergamo is not only a city rich in history and culture but also a splendid setting where nature harmoniously blends with the urban environment, offering green spaces for the relaxation and enjoyment of the whole family.

One of the city’s jewels is the Parco dei Colli, a vast green lung that extends over the surrounding hills. With its scenic trails, picnic areas, and equipped playgrounds, this park is perfect for a day of outdoor adventure for both adults and children. The Parco della Trucca, the largest urban park in Bergamo, is another oasis of peace and serenity, ideal for a day spent in contact with nature. With its ancient trees, green meadows, and picturesque ponds, this park is an ideal place for a peaceful walk or a family picnic, while children can have fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Garden Park, Castle Park and the “Lorenzo Rota” Botanical Garden, on the other hand, are outdoor spaces set among the views of the Upper Town; enchanting places that combine history and nature, perfect for a relaxing break during a day of city exploration. Amidst blooming flower beds, bubbling fountains, and shaded paths, it is possible to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in the midst of the vibrant urban fabric; convenient locations for an outdoor break allowing families to enjoy a moment of peace in the heart of lively Bergamo.

Additionally, the Botanical Garden, with its vast collection of plants from around the world, offers an educational and fun experience in a panoramic and stimulating setting.

There are many outdoor spaces that the city of Bergamo offers to travelers who wish to enjoy moments of leisure in quiet loneliness or in cheerful company. The bucolic nature, equipped parks, and green city oases are ready to welcome couples, families, or solitary wanderers spending their vacation in Magic Place Bergamo apartments.

Art, culture, and theater in Bergamo
The gems of an artistic treasure waiting to be discovered

The city holds an invaluable artistic and cultural heritage, guiding travelers through centuries of creativity and ingenuity. Bergamo hosts a vibrant cultural scene that continues to thrive today, captivating visitors from around the world.

The Accademia Carrara is one of Italy’s most important art museums, housing a vast collection of works spanning from the Renaissance to the Baroque period, with masterpieces by artists such as Botticelli, Raphael, and Titian. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAMeC), on the other hand, showcases a wide selection of works from the 19th century to the present day, by both Italian and international artists, promoting a dialogue between past and present and offering a glimpse into the latest artistic trends through its rich program of events and workshops.

In addition to its permanent museums, Bergamo regularly hosts temporary exhibitions featuring internationally renowned artworks. From Italian Renaissance to contemporary art, these exhibitions offer a diverse overview of the artistic trends and cultural movements that have shaped the art world over the centuries. Art enthusiasts can admire exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, and more, experiencing ever-new and stimulating artistic journeys.

The city’s theater scene is divided between the Donizetti Theatre, with its elegant neoclassical architecture, hosting a rich season of performances that attract enthusiasts of all ages with its variety, and the Social Theatre, a historic theater recently restored and located in the charming Città Alta, offering an intimate and truly unique experience for its audience.

Bergamo is also animated by numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Exploring the city’s artistic gems means immersing yourself in a world of beauty and creativity, discovering a true treasure that can enrich every visitor’s journey. Book your central Bergamo luxury apartment at Magic Place Bergamo to be part of this incredible journey.

The crystalline glow of Bergamo
Experience the enchantment of the lake wonders surrounding the city

The lakes surrounding Bergamo are true natural wonders offering a variety of unique experiences for travelers seeking outdoor adventures amidst unspoiled landscapes and breathtaking views.
Located just a few kilometers northeast of Bergamo, Lake Endine is a jewel nestled among the green hills of Valle Cavallina. With its crystal-clear waters and picturesque scenery, this small lake is perfect for a day of relaxation, swimming, and water sports.

Lake Iseo is one of Lombardy’s hidden gems, known for its breathtaking beauty and tranquil atmosphere. A short distance from Bergamo, its waters are surrounded by green hills and picturesque villages that invite exploration along its shores. To the northwest of the city lies Lake Maggiore, one of Italy’s largest and most captivating lakes, with cobalt blue waters, enchanting islands, majestic mountains, and lush botanical gardens. Ideal for a day trip and just a few hours’ drive from Bergamo are Lake Lecco and Lake Como, two of Lombardy’s most famous lakes, offering visitors not only undeniable scenic charm but also a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, relaxing cruises, or visits to gardens and historic mansions.

The lakes surrounding Bergamo are perfect for short excursions as well as extended stays, offering numerous recreational activities suitable for all ages. Families can enjoy a day of fishing, have a picnic on the grassy shores, or rent boats and pedal boats to explore the waters in a fun and completely safe way, while more experienced hikers can engage in adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities.

By booking your vacation apartment with Magic Place Bergamo, you’ll be just a few kilometers away from these scenic wonders, ready to comfortably discover these corners of paradise.

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